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Dual Handled 6”x23” Serving Tray

Dual Handled 6”x23” Serving Tray

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Introducing a stunning 6”x23” serving tray crafted from a blend of exquisite woods—Black Cherry, Honduran Mahogany, Purpleheart, and Spalted Tamarind. This sleek, 0.75” thick tray features two elegant handles, making it not just a practical serving accessory but a work of art for your home. It has been meticulously finished with food-safe tung oil, ensuring both durability and a beautiful natural sheen.

To make it truly yours, personalized engraving is possible on this tray, making it a perfect gift or a cherished addition to your own collection. Elevate your dining experience with this unique, handcrafted tray that combines natural beauty with functionality. Whether for entertaining or daily use, this tray is a statement piece that adds a touch of luxury to any setting. Treat yourself or someone special to this one-of-a-kind serving tray and enjoy its timeless elegance.

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